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Rain Rain go away

The Met Office recently blogged that we were heading for the wettest June on record (since 1860)  – that was before yesterday’s downpours which hit Northern Ireland particularly badly. I can well believe we’ll have record June totals – here … Continue reading

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The wettest drought

It has been an extraordinary year of weather so far, there’s no doubt about it. After 3 very dry months here in Dorchester, our rivers like the Stour, the Avon and Piddle were showing record low flows at the end … Continue reading

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Carbon Capture and Storage – Grasslands are the answer Dave

Today, David Cameron was supposed to have given his first green speech since becoming prime minister – nearly two years after announcing that this would be the Greenest Government Ever. Damian Carrington in the Guardian lambasted Cameron for abandoning his … Continue reading

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Managing grasslands in a changing environment

Looking out of my office across the Pennine Dales landscape (well we are all allowed a few minutes of our working day looking out of the window aren’t we?!) the importance of the grasslands to the local agricultural sector is … Continue reading

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Is this really Spring?

The last week of hot weather has been great – long days in the garden and even a few hours on the beach – we humans love it!  But what effect is it having on our wildlife?    I live … Continue reading

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Growth Not Green Week

There seems little doubt that this week is going to be one of those where we see announcements that will have a major impact on the environment in England, and not for the good. Last week was climate week – … Continue reading

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Grasslands as carbon sinks finally recognised by EU

An recent post on Accuweather.com‘s excellent global warming blog reports research from the Australian science agency CSIRO, that global CO2 levels are higher now than in the past 800,000 years. The Co2 level reached 390 parts per million last year … Continue reading

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