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Time to move on

After Five and a half years at The Grasslands Trust I’ve decided to move on – but not too far, I’m moving across to be Conservation Director at Buglife. I’m up for a new challenge and moving to a bigger … Continue reading

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Tax Relief U-turn

I’m very pleased to say, the Government has actually reacted to pressure from the charity sector and has recently revealed that charitable donations will be exempt from the tax relief cap. The cap, which limited tax relief on charitable donations … Continue reading

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Family fun and full to capacity!

The day came, the skies cleared and Meadow Madness and Wild Woods was a runner.  Our family countryside day in partnership with Eastleigh Borough Council was a sell out, well parking spaces were, but the recent rain (remember those days) … Continue reading

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Catering for all

Once again, I’m pondering how to avoid conflicts between scrub clearance to expand the grasslands and the needs of the species that live in and around that scrub. When we plan management work it is vital to understand which species … Continue reading

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There was a buzz around Carmel last Friday as a flight of the bumblebee enthusiasts made a beeline to the reserve. Busy as bees, they were a hive of activity swarming through woods and glades. …. Given the subject matter … Continue reading

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They don’t exist

Standing outside the village preschool several years ago I found myself surrounded by a group of parents angrily discussing recent changes the Parish Council had made to the village playground.  (Bear with me, there is a point to this!)  Generally, … Continue reading

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Floods and Levels

I’m writing this from the middle of the Somerset Levels, where the excellent Floodplain Meadows Partnership is having its annual steering group meeting. Needless to say there’s a lot of water around here at the moment. Floodplain Meadows are some … Continue reading

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