Polls apart

Former RSPB Conservation Director and pundit Mark Avery is running a poll on his blog of the most and least favourite nature conservation charities, as voted for by his readers – if you havent done so yet, please do vote.  I’m not canvassing for you to vote for us but if you did that would be great. The poll runs till the end of April so there’s plenty of time yet.

So far we are doing surprisingly well  in 6th place (out of 14) with 27 votes as the organisation people would most like to see receive a £100 donation, behind RSPB (110) Game Conservancy (71), The Wildlife Trusts (60), Buglife (39) and Butterfly Conservation (35).

Three people voted for us as the organisation they would least like to see receive the donation. I take this as a badge of honour, that these people have heard of us and don’t agree with what we stand for; at least they have taken an interest! Amazingly to me, both the National Trust and WWF scored highly on the least favourite vote, alongside more predictable targets like Game Conservancy, BASC and of course the RSPB. Mark’s readership is after all likely to be more interested in birdy issues.

Our net polling (votes for minus votes against)  is plus 24 and that also puts us in 6th behind Wildlife Trusts (+51) RSPB (+43), Buglife (+36) BC (+35) and MCS (+26).

It’s just a bit of fun really, but we could do with more polls like this to get a feel for people’s views about issues. I might do one myself soon.


About grasslandstrust

The Grasslands Trust is the only national UK charity that focuses entirely on saving grasslands that are valuable because they are rich in wildlife, history, or for other reasons.
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2 Responses to Polls apart

  1. Mark Avery says:

    Thanks Miles. I think the Grasslands Trust is doing pretty well so far and I, like you, am amazed at how badly WWF and NT are doing. It is a bit of fun – but I don’t remember being asked these questions ever before – do you? Keep blogging!

    • Thanks Mark. The NT is an interesting one – on the one hand they own a staggering amount of land, including some of our best wildlife sites. But they also “own” a lot of farmland which is subject to agricultural tenancies, over which they have little control and is managed quite conventionally. WWF don’t own or manage nature reserves, but I suspect they are voted against because they used to do much more for UK conservation and now they do relatively little, with a few notable exceptions like Carol Hatton working so hard on the legal side of things.

      No I don’t recall anyone asking these questions before, though there have been plenty of polls from eg BANC or IEEM asking us conservation professionals how we feel about conservation, which is not the same thing at all. Like farmers I think conservationists tend to be “glass half-empty” people so we’re bound to be a bit miserable if asked.

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