Real Revelation

As a first time blogger, I’ll give you a quick introduction!  I’m Amy Fitzpatrick, and I joined The Grasslands Trust in August 2011, as an Administration Assistant.  My role within the trust is extremely varied and one day is never the same as the next!  It’s a fantastic, exciting and inspiring place to work.

I deal with all aspects of administration – office management, assisting Lucy our Chief Exec and acting as first point of call for enquiries.  My main job however is processing donations, and the creating, mailing of and responding to, applications for funds.

Having never worked for a charity, let alone a conservation charity, I am always stunned at the hard work and skill needed to raise funds and the tremendous generosity of our supporters.  So little money donated to charity goes to causes such as ours, in fact a mere 1.6% of all annual charitable donations go to support conservation work, so it is always heartening to open an envelope and see the result of all our combined hard work to promote our cause.

Admittedly, having lived in semi rural Hampshire for most of my life, apart from taking advantage of the green vision that is where I live, I had little to no awareness of grasslands and meadows other than I liked the look of them!  Working here has made me so much more aware of the importance of conserving and nurturing meadows and grasslands – although I still have a lot more to learn.

I’m fortunate to live in an area with some meadow land behind it, so a major difference in my life – thanks to working here – is now I don’t run in the opposite direction when I see a bee, but appreciate what it does for us!

I’m even insisting that my veggie patch is used for a small wildflower area this year, so I’ll be getting some advice from my colleagues, and will hopefully have some pictures to show you before too long!

Amy Fitzpatrick, Administrative Assistant


About grasslandstrust

The Grasslands Trust is the only national UK charity that focuses entirely on saving grasslands that are valuable because they are rich in wildlife, history, or for other reasons.
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