They say all publicity is good publicity, so here goes…by Sarah Knight

Well hello there! Blogging is new territory for me (and I do feel a tad self-conscious) but it’s very nice to meet you all! I am Sarah, of “Tweets by Miles & Sarah” and I’m the Communications Officer for The Grasslands Trust. I’ve been here for just over a year now, I started out as an intern and I’m now working for the Trust part-time alongside studying for a Masters in Integrated Environmental Management.

I’ve always been interested in biodiversity and sort of stumbled upon the Trust after my undergraduate degree, originally wanting to volunteer to fill time while I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. Since starting here I haven’t really looked back, I decided to pursue a career in environmental conservation which I get more passionate about every day, started on my Masters course and I suppose the Trust is now stuck with me!

My role is to find interesting topics in the media for us to respond to, put out press releases, what I like to call “schmoozing” journalists (or rather, being a pain in the behind), social media, keeping the website up-to-date, general publicity and communication stuff really. I basically try and think of ways to keep you interested in what we do-and before you ask, blogging wasn’t one of my suggestions for public engagement! But I’m having fun and I hope you’re still with me…

My “topic of interest” at the moment (which fits beautifully between my Masters and the work of the Trust) is the importance of ecosystem services-which although scientists and environmentalists have been discussing for many years, has only really become a popular term since the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in 2004. I don’t necessarily agree that the environment should need a monetary value to “quantify” its importance (and therefore need for conservation).  However I do feel that successful, global-scale conservation of biodiversity requires an integrated approach and better understanding of how everything is linked together. I find it fascinating how everything from natural water purification, waste decomposition, pollination, and carbon sequestration, to the increasing issue of food insecurity, depends upon the health of the natural environment-which we often treat so carelessly. The importance of wildlife-rich grasslands as ecosystem services was explored in our first ever report, Nature’s Tapestry. I could probably rant about ecosystem services for ages but I’ll save that for another time because I don’t want to scare you off!

I hope that in upcoming months you’ll be seeing more media coverage of The Grasslands Trust’s work and that we’ll continue to raise the public profile of wildlife-rich grasslands. I’ll be checking in from time to time to keep you all up-to-date with our press releases and responses to hot topics in the media. But I’d love to hear from you if you’ve found a topic or media article you’d like our opinion on-so feel free to drop me a Tweet. Miles and I are currently working on a couple of interesting stories that you can get involved in, so stay tuned!


About grasslandstrust

The Grasslands Trust is the only national UK charity that focuses entirely on saving grasslands that are valuable because they are rich in wildlife, history, or for other reasons.
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2 Responses to They say all publicity is good publicity, so here goes…by Sarah Knight

  1. wildgardener says:

    Ecosystem services is a tricky one to ‘sell’ to the public, but I reckon when people do get it it’s a powerful way of thinking about the state of the environment. Gardeners and growers are already very concerned about declining pollinating insects, which is an ecosystem service that people can relate to – and care about. Good luck with it.

  2. Great first blog post Sarah – I have absolutely nothing to do with your sector, but I enjoyed reading your piece and have easily consumed my first blast of knowledge on your subject. Look forward to the next one!

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