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Spending Cuts 3: More funding for HLS?

The Farmers Guardian on Friday reported a Natural England statement that HLS was still open for business. New agreements will not go live until next April though. There were some interesting statistics quoted  – interesting that is, if you … Continue reading

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Spending Cuts Week – what does it mean for the environment?

And so Axe Wednesday has passed, what more do we know about the impacts on the environment? Defra has one of the largest cuts overall of all Government Departments at 8% a year over the next 4 years ( I … Continue reading

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Spending Cuts Week

I heard the other day that all Government Departments had published organograms showing their departmental structures and found a link Defra’s structure on twitter. I’m afraid so far I have not found it terribly illuminating. You may have more luck. … Continue reading

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Eat Sustainable Beef

Eat Sustainable Beef and Save Grasslands! There is an inextricable link between wildlife-rich grasslands and livestock. Our wildlife-rich grasslands, like so many other of our wonderful landscapes, would not exist but for millennia of grazing by livestock, and mowing for … Continue reading

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Starting Up

Hi, my name’s Miles King and I’m Director of Conservation for a British Charity called The Grasslands Trust. This blog is going to mostly about grasslands, but there’s always a chance I may stray off into other topics. I havent … Continue reading

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